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Small Image Show 2013 Review


Small Images Show

Atkinson Gallery

Art Review (Except from the article)

Scene Magazine – “Art Things, Small and Smaller”
by Josef Woodard, October 25th 2013

By way of the built-in scalar consideration of the show, we think small as artists, but also as viewers. Thus, whereas in a conventional group show, the larger sculpture or painting might beg for immediate, eye-grabbing attention, (in this show) it is the small stuff, the tiny details and sometimes harder-to-find items in the typically busy mix of pieces in a given show.

In the case of this year’s “Small Images” model, that smaller-is-better mindset leads straight to a weirdly beguiling photograph just inside the gallery’s front door – Gail Pine’s “The Overcoat”. As the title promises, the object/subject is a vintage overcoat, but so utterly tiny and wispy, and set into an enigmatic dark void of a backdrop, our senses are pulled into some miniaturist’s rabbit hole of alternative universe perception. In its humble way, “The Overcoat” is a big deal of a piece, and a fine “how do you do” of an introduction of what this show is about.