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black pictures

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A Dim Remembered Story

a dim remembered story

A Mortal Melody

a mortal melody

A Twofold Silence

a twofold silence

An Echo

an echo

Delicate Stems

delicate stems

Dim Vales

dim vales

From his Birth

from his birth

From the Lightening in the Sky

from the lightening in the sky

Into the Unlit Ether

into the unlit ether

Like Guilty Beauty

like guilty beauty

Luminous Waves

luminous waves

Much of Madness

much of madness

The Magic Solitude

the magic solitude

The Melancholy Waters Lie

the melancholy waters lie

The Stillness Broken

the stillness broken

The Terrible and the Fair

the terrible and the fair

Who Seeks the Skies

who seeks the skies

And I Rest So Contently

and I rest so contently

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The Black Pictures