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Gail Pine photo based art

I am a Photo Based Artist, whose major goal is to make work that is provocative and unlike other art that I’ve seen. Much of my work revolves around found photos (snapshots), whether I am contact printing them, using them in contemporary random ways, or actually capturing images of them on film (pictures of pictures). Some of my work starts with a film capture and reaches its conclusion on gelatin silver paper. Other parts of my work are camera-less, such as the cyanotypes and photo-grams. Some of it involves using snapshots mixed with opposing newer materials.
I’ve always been intrigued by the under-chosen, the mundane and the disenfranchised factions of life, so I suppose that is part of my fascination with one

of my most widely used source materials: snapshots. I choose to be spare and sometimes abstract with my work. I usually search out imperfect subject matter.

My approach to making art is a life-long journey of experimentation….the culmination is my work, an amalgamation really, of experiments. And the alchemy of making prints is of particular interest to me. The varying results, based even on subtle chemical changes can result in unexpected finished work.

Most of the work I make is small. This is intentional for a myriad of reasons, but perhaps most importantly, to invite a prolonged observation, rather than a quick glance, by the viewer.